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Beer tap cleaning training services in Boise, ID

It can be hard to get a good following for your new bar or restaurant. But having a nice selection of beer taps can help you draw a crowd and keep them coming back for more. Unfortunately, learning how to properly clean and maintain a draft system is harder than it seems.
At Idaho Draft Solutions, we offer draft maintenance training services in Boise, ID. Our hands on training program puts your draft system back in your hands without relying on sub par 3rd party vendors.

You just invested in very expensive equipment to start your bar or restaurant, protect that investment with a draft maintenance training to keep that beer pouring and tasting as it should!

Get a custom draft cleaning class scheduled for your new or existing business

Get a custom draft cleaning class scheduled for your new or existing business

Idaho Draft is dedicated to top tier quality dispense of all types of products. Bi-monthly maintenance is the key to every draft systems success. Unfortunately, this key factor is often overlooked and undervalued. We have provided superior cleaning and maintenance packages to several breweries and restaurants since 2017 and are the first organization of its kind in Idaho.

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Often overlooked

Unfortunately the concept of out of sight out of mind rings true in our industry. What we don't always see can hurt profits and cause customers to stop coming back.

Over the years we've seen plenty of instances of draft disasters or neglect. By regularly maintaining a new or existing system, we can avoid these issues entirely. Sometimes "free" services are great to keep operating costs low, but at a cost to the consumer.

Draft maintenance services range anywhere from $10-20 per line twice a month. If this cost is too burdensome to your bottom line, look no further than signing up to be shown by the experts on how to maintain your system on your own!