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Idaho Draft Solutions is the only independent draft maintenance and installation company servicing the Treasure Valley and beyond. When you work with us, you'll get a company dedicated to improving the taste, quality and performance of your draft system. We get it, your bottom line is important. Choosing Idaho Draft protects your draft system investment. We don't cut corners, you get an unparalleled personal touch with our technicians.

At Idaho Draft Solutions, we offer custom tailored maintenance to minimize waste and maximize profits that your customers will notice. Call 208-841-7596 today to learn more about our draft solutions in Boise, ID.

Why do you need to clean your draft system?

Why do you need to clean your draft system?

When fresh and properly dispensed, draft beer will taste the way the brewer intended-clean, flavorful, and enjoyable. Draft beer is susceptible to damage from a host of factors, such as age, heat, and air. But the number one preventable factor affecting draft beer flavor and aroma is poor hygiene. An improperly maintained system can affect the taste, cleanliness and performance of your draft products.
Routine cleanings mitigate:

Infected lines — Yeast, mold and microbes build up in the lines and affect the taste and dispense quality of beer, wine etc.
Outside contaminants — Fruit flies and improper pouring tecniques cause buildup around faucets
Cooler & Storage — Mold and bacteria buildup from food contamination or spills

We offer thorough cleanings and customized maintenance packages so you can rest assured your system is taken care of. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

The Idaho Draft Difference

At Idaho Draft, we use the best equipment, and preferred method to perform bi-monthly maintenance and inspections.
Electric recirculating pump cleaning is recommended as the preferred method for nearly all systems. Re circulation pump cleaning uses a combination of chemical cleaning and mechanical action to effectively clean a draft system by increasing the normal flow rate through the beer lines during the cleaning process. According to studies, this is 80 times more effective than a pressure pot clean.

Draft Re-circulation Diagram